In everyday life we often come into contact with household chemicals, either while washing our clothes, cleaning our flats, or just washing our hands with soap. Through that, the skin on our hands becomes dry, cracked, and rough around nails. Skin flaking and irritation can also be caused by weather conditions (cold, heat), frequent contact with water, lack of vitamins, and many other things. The youth and beauty of our hands depend on proper care and a well-balanced diet.

Regular visits to beauty parlours will save time and help you to become absolutely irresistible from top to toes. Our nail technicians will take care of the beauty of your hands and nails, endowing your looks with a finishing touch. They will treat your cuticles and make your nails shine with beauty and health.

French nail design

The nail technicians from Art’s Beauty Studio beauty parlour in Tallinn have mastered different manicure techniques, and one of the most popular is French nail design. French nail design is characterised by a light beige or pink base and thin white nail tips. A French manicure is perfectly suitable both for the office or for special occasions, highlighting elegant femininity and emanating innocence.

Nail extensions

Not every woman has delicately shaped nails and can boast of her nails being long and beautiful. Gel nail extensions allow women to wear beautiful, long, perfectly shaped nails, coloured and decorated to suit even the most exquisite taste, for at least a month. Quite often our natural nails are not long enough to realise the designs that we truly want, but gel nail extensions will help you to bring any of your ideas to life.

Shellac manicure

More and more women are giving preference to a more durable option of effect nail varnish, which is Shellac. It does not come off while you are washing the dishes, and you do not have to spend a lot of time drying it or take extreme precautions in order not to smudge it. Shellac strengthens nail beds, creating an additional layer, and it is much more difficult to break a nail. Shellac stays on your nails for at least a month, which reduces the number of visits to the beauty parlour by three times.