Quite often our feet need more thorough care than our hands. Our feet take us everywhere we go all day long, touching either the ground, the floor, or shoes that are not always comfortable enough, may rub our heels, or lack proper ventilation. All of these factors can cause callosities, calluses, and toenail problems. Feet get tired fast and need regular rest and care.

A pedicure is a whole set of procedures aimed at taking care of your feet and toenails, which is especially popular in summer, when the aesthetics of open-toe shoes keeps us from showing off toenails and heels that are not perfect enough.

There is a limited range of options for toenail treatment, but French nail design and gel nail varnish are as popular in pedicure as in manicure techniques. The main task is to make the damaged, rough, and calloused skin of your feet perfect again.

The procedure is in itself very pleasant and relaxing, especially when the nail technician puts your feet down into a warm, aromatic foot bath, applies nourishing cream, or does foot massage. Depending on how much free time you have at your disposal as well as the condition of your feet, you can choose a SPA pedicure, classical pedicure, or express pedicure.